Online Jobs for Teenagers: Making Money During High School

A list of online jobs for teenagers in high school. I started earning money online as a freshman in high school. Online jobs for teenagers can help them set up an income stream before they head off to college. Avoid the tremendous amount of debt by buildi

If you've read my articles before you may not have known I'm a senior in high school. I got started earning money online when I was a freshman. So it has been 4 years that I have been studying and practicing my craft. I have spent thousands and thousands of hours focusing on learning and implementing everything I have learned online. I wish I had a list of online jobs for teenagers when I had started. So here on Knoji, I am going to write that list and explain briefly how each strategy works.

Online Jobs for Teenagers #1: Article Writing

I have been writing articles here on Knoji, formely known as Factoidz, for a quite a while now. I think it's been like two years. And in that time, I have written over 30 articles. Without writing at all, I could earn $1 per month. That doesn't sound like much, but honestly I haven't put much effort into Knoji. But, I am changing that as Factoidz changes into Knoji. The best part of article writing is that you can pretty much write and then leave the article there to earn you money. This is made easier and better if you  do the proper keyword research and use the right keyword research tools. Due to not needing too much time and practicing your writing, article writing is a great online job for teenagers.

Online Jobs for Teenagers #2: Blogging

I started blogging soon after I began making money online, using that money to fund my blog. Blogging is a great way to practice writing, because you end up writing quite a bit. Blogging does take a lot of work, so it's not something you should go into expecting a "get rich quick" scheme. You have to keep writing and working on it to be able to get and keep readers. It's all about fresh and quality content. Not a lot of teenagers wuld want to keep up with that. But there is definitely a potential to earn a lot of money from blogging. A lot of bloggers run their blogs as their full-time job. That's definitely my dream. But it is definitely not an easy job, so keep that in mind. I'd say stay a little weary in blogging as your going to have to stay consistent. That makes it not one of th best online job for teenagers, but it is an option.

Online Jobs for Teenagers #3: Freelancing

Freelancing is a great online job for teenagers. In fact, this might be equal to article writing in jobs I'd recommend. Freelancing is basically when you do little projects for people. Online Freelancing includes a lot of areas such as article and blog post writing, graphic design, programming, coding, and social media marketing. This is a great way to get some experience in your field of expertise and earn some extra money in the process. Some websites to find work are and I have found some decent success on Odesk and heard a lot of good things about Elance, but have never tried it myself.

Online Jobs for Teenagers: The Conclusion

Starting to create income streams online as a teen is a great idea. I mean, you have one success and you can pay for college tuition. And the three strategies I wrote about can all be profitable for free. It just takes effort and time. So you do what I said and you can easily make money online as a high school student. Just for reference, I have easily earned over $500 online. And that's with little time and a very slow start without a list like this. I hope you do well! Good luck!


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